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NIC Electrical Solutions Ltd is the team to choose when it comes to solar power! We have installed solar power systems for clients in Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, and Chesterfield.


It’s no secret that energy costs are soaring, and that every household in the UK is faced with ever-larger bills. Unless, of course, you choose to do something about it. While we can’t lower the price you pay per unit of electricity, we can help you to minimise your dependence on the National Grid. Solar power is a great option for almost any household and can help reduce living costs by providing power to your home – if your system generates more power than you need, you can hold it in storage batteries for when it’s required, or even sell it back to the power companies. If you’re curious about what solar power can offer you, please contact our team.


Are you aware that 0% VAT is charged on solar panel installations? There’s never been a better time to opt for solar power! We can also supply and install commercial solar panel systems.

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“Very reasonably priced. Went above and beyond to accommodate a suitable appointment time for me. Very friendly trustworthy man. Extremely tidy workmanship. Second time I have used this electrician and will continue to do so for all my electrical work in the future too.”

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  • How does solar power work?
    By converting the sun’s energy onto power! This is either in the form of electricity or heat, but both begin with solar panels. These are available in a range of sizes, suitable for homes of all sizes.
  • What's the difference between solar photovoltaic and solar thermal?
    Put simply, solar thermal systems generate heat, and solar photovoltaic systems generate electricity. To learn more about the most appropriate system for your needs, please get in touch.
  • Do I need planning permission for solar panels?
    As a rule, no, unless you live in a listed building. However, there are some cases, such as properties in Conservation areas or World Heritage sites, where there are some restrictions. We will go through any possible restrictions with you prior to any work taking place.
  • Is solar power a clean energy source?
    Clean, renewable, and unlimited! Solar power produces no harmful by-products and is an excellent option for many homes and businesses – as long as the sun is shining, you can generate power. Solar panels have a relatively small carbon footprint, and last around 25 years on average. It’s also worth noting that the materials used in solar panels are increasingly being recycled, bringing the environmental impact of this power source down even further.
  • Do solar panels require much maintenance?
    Solar panels have no moving parts and are, in reality, a very simple sort of system. This means that the servicing and maintenance requirements are minimal. The only thing you’ll really need to do is ensure that they’re kept relatively clean, and that no trees overshadow the installation.
  • What’s involved?
    Scaffolding around your property Installation of roof hooks and frames, followed by the panels Wiring up the panels, then connecting them to the solar inverter and grid Powering up the system and registering it with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) All documentation supplied
  • Is a structural report required/provided?
    Yes, to both. A structural report by a qualified ISE structural engineer is part of the process – installation of solar panels should never be attempted without one in order to ensure that your roof is strong enough to support the panels safely.
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To find out more about our solar panel installation service, contact the team at NIC Electrical Solutions Ltd. We service Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, and Chesterfield.

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